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Re: Gammatone Filterbank Response Area

At 5:31 AM -0800 2/26/97, Kien Seng, Wong wrote:
>   I am currently building a detailed model of the Onset-C units in
>the cochlear nucleus.  As an input to this model, I am using a Meddis
>haircell driven from a gammatone filterbank.  I have so far found it
>impossible to obtain a suitable asymmetric 'tuning curve' from the
>   Can anyone suggest ways of obtaining such a response from this

The GTF is inherently very nearly symmetrical (the usual approximate
analyses are exactly symmetrical in frequency, as is the complex GTF
sometimes used).

The All-Pole Gammatone Filter (APGF), on the other hand, has a
reasonably realistic asymmetry and some other good properties.

Read about in my (still incomplete) papers at

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