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otoacoustic emission vs BSER vs ECoch vs Psychoacoustic evaluation

I'm an audiologist working with hard-of-hearing and deaf children in a
rehab center. Recently, I saw a 2 1/2 year old girl who has abnormal BSER :
wave I was present at 70 dBnHL in both ears and wave V was present at 105
dBnHL in the right ear and absent at 105 dBnHL in the left ear. BSER
testing was done twice and the last time was in september 1996. There was
no significant change between both evaluations. She had in august 1996 an
ECochG and results showed that the responses were present from 100 dB to 65
dB in both ears. However, the latencies   were the same at 100 dB than at
60 dB which is not normal. She had acoustic emission test and results
suggested normal hearing sensitivity in the right ear and a mild hearing
problem in the left ear.

=46rom september to december 1996, I saw the girl for a psychoacoustic
evaluation. Results showed she had a mild to moderately severe hearing loss
in the left ear and a mild to severe hearing loss in the left ear. We
proceeded with amplification even if it is not recommended when the
acoustic emission are present. She has got the hearing aids in december
1996. Responses with the aids are good.

The aim of this letter was to find out if there is other audiologist who
had to deal with the same problem and what did you do???

Benoit Jutras
Ecole d'orthophonie et d'audiologie
Universite de Montreal

Beno=EEt Jutras
=C9cole d'orthophonie et d'audiologie
Universit=E9 de Montr=E9al