2aMU7. Handmaking clarinet reeds: New tools accelerate the process.

Session: Tuesday Morning, May 14

Time: 10:45

Author: Timothy Anderson
Location: School of Music, Ohio State Univ., 1866 College Rd., Columbus, OH 43210


The vast majority of clarinetists worldwide (professionals, students, and amateurs) perform on commercially manufactured reeds. However, a number of performers, including many professionals, maintain that commercial reeds can never match the high quality of reeds handmade from tube by the performer. For clarinetists this time-consuming practice was once standard procedure and still is with double-reed performers (oboe and bassoon). This reed-maker supports the position that the best reeds are produced by the performer. Recently, tools have become available that accelerate the process of making one's own clarinet reeds. Using some of these tools a reed will be fashioned from arundo donax tube during the presentation and its sound will be demonstrated.

from ASA 131st Meeting, Indianapolis, May 1996