ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 5pSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 5pSA1 An asymptotic analysis of the added damping effect of a
  2. 5pSA2 Average response of an infinite plate on a random elastic
  3. 5pSA3 Vibrational response of a simple oscillator attached to an elastic
  4. 5pSA4 Eigenstatistics in rectangular membranes with point scatterers.
  5. 5pSA5 Coupling between flexural and membrane wave types due to
  6. 5pSA6 Energy partitioning in a truss structure.
  7. 5pSA7 Response of a fuzzy structure in terms of the impulse response
  8. 5pSA8 Prediction of scattering cross sections using averaged models.
  9. 5pSA9 A study of the effective properties of complex scatterers using
  10. 5pSA10 Electrodynamic reciprocity method for vibration standards.
  11. 5pSA11 Free vibration of liquid-filled composite shells of revolution.