ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 5pPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 5pPP1 A dynamic, psychophysical model of adaptation in localization
  2. 5pPP2 Model simulations of masked thresholds for tones in dichotic noise
  3. 5pPP3 The index of interaural envelope correlation: Normalized
  4. 5pPP4 Precedence and plausibility.
  5. 5pPP5 Lateralization of high-frequency FM tones and frequency sweeps.
  6. 5pPP6 The segregation of SAM 4-kHz targets from SAM 2-kHz distractors on
  7. 5pPP7 Precision of sound localization measured by a reaching task.
  8. 5pPP8 Virtual auditory reality reduced to the bare essentials.
  9. 5pPP9 Cochlear acoustic reflectance and traveling wave delay.
  10. 5pPP10 Modeling distortion product otoacoustic emission fine structure in
  11. 5pPP11 Fine structure of 2f[sub 1]-f[sub 2] acoustic distortion product:
  12. 5pPP12 Pure-tone thresholds and cubic distortion product otoacoustic
  13. 5pPP13 Spontaneous and click-evoked otoacoustic emissions of the frog
  14. 5pPP14 Enhanced cochlear responses after sound exposure.
  15. 5pPP15 Representation of sinusoid ``ramps'' and ``damps'' in
  16. 5pPP16 Polynomial correlation used to estimate the degree of nonlinearity
  17. 5pPP17 Binaural lateralization and discrimination in MS and CVA patients.