ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 5aSC - Speech Communications

  1. 5aSC1 Is intra-articulator speech coarticulation planned?
  2. 5aSC2 Recovery of task-dynamic parameters with a mismatched articulatory
  3. 5aSC3 Influences of stop consonant voicing on tongue, lip, and jaw
  4. 5aSC4 Articulatory activity and aerodynamic variation during voiceless
  5. 5aSC5 Three acoustically predictable factors underlying vowel tongue
  6. 5aSC6 Evaluating a topographical mapping from speech acoustics to tongue
  7. 5aSC7 Across session temporal stability of the lip--jaw complex in
  8. 5aSC8 Three-dimensional visualization of human jaw motion in speech.
  9. 5aSC9 Functional data analyses of lip motion.
  10. 5aSC10 Orofacial and finger force control in normal subjects.
  11. 5aSC11 A computational model using formant space planning of articulator
  12. 5aSC12 Effects of syllable duration on syllable-final stop-glide