ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 4pSC - Speech Communications

  1. 4pSC1 Some phrase-level influences on the glottal waveform.
  2. 4pSC2 Effects of stress, vowel duration, and vowel height on the timing
  3. 4pSC3 Global durational patterns in spontaneous speech.
  4. 4pSC4 Acoustic and kinematic evidence for difference in language timing
  5. 4pSC5 Importance of tonal envelope cues in Chinese speech recognition.
  6. 4pSC6 Demarcating prosodic groups with articulation.
  7. 4pSC7 Intelligibility of Arab's production of English intonation.
  8. 4pSC8 Acoustic phonetic characteristics of internal open juncture by