ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 4aSC - Speech Communications

  1. 4aSC1 Lexical distinctiveness in lipreading: Effects of phonemic
  2. 4aSC2 The effects of featural priming on word recognition.
  3. 4aSC3 Multinomial models of speech perception.
  4. 4aSC4 Talker variability and token variability in spoken word
  5. 4aSC5 Lexical influence on the perception and segmentation of speech:
  6. 4aSC6 Phonological and phonotactic influences on perception of two
  7. 4aSC7 Phonotactic and metrical influences on subjective ratings of spoken
  8. 4aSC8 The segmental representation of words as revealed by priming in a
  9. 4aSC9 Are coronals different? The influence of the lexicon on coronal
  10. 4aSC10 The acoustic characteristics of babble produced by infants with
  11. 4aSC11 Effect of relative amplitude, presentation level, and vowel
  12. 4aSC12 Reading disability: A deficit in the processing of rapid
  13. 4aSC13 Interrelationships between ethanol intoxication and speech.
  14. 4aSC14 Shifts in fundamental frequency and articulation resulting from
  15. 4aSC15 Speaking rate and alcohol intoxication.
  16. 4aSC16 Predicting speech improvement from clinical profiles in
  17. 4aSC17 Acoustic and perceptual effects of endoscopic nasal surgery.
  18. 4aSC18 Intraspeech masking in hearing-impaired listeners.
  19. 4aSC19 Acoustic and perceptual investigation of breathy voice.
  20. 4aSC20 Modeling pathologic vocal quality. Part I.
  21. 4aSC21 EMMA and x-ray microbeam comparison.
  22. 4aSC22 An acoustic and articulatory study of anticipatory labial
  23. 4aSC23 Correlating movement and acoustic measures of nasalization.
  24. 4aSC24 Use of a spiking neural model to simulate lip motor unit activity
  25. 4aSC25 Clarity versus effort in speech production: Initial results of a
  26. 4aSC26 The gestural and temporal organization of assimilation.