ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 2pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 2pUW1 The status of Naval underwater acoustic modeling.
  2. 2pUW2 Combined volume and surface scattering in a channel using a modal
  3. 2pUW3 Investigation of three-dimensional bathymetric refraction using
  4. 2pUW4 Modeling range-dependent propagation using trapped and leaky wedge
  5. 2pUW5 Accuracy of parabolic approximations for travel time.
  6. 2pUW6 Acoustic interaction with a propagating internal soliton wave
  7. 2pUW7 Fluctuations of high-frequency acoustic pulses in shallow water.
  8. 2pUW8 Jovian acoustics: Short-range observation and long-range
  9. 2pUW9 Three-dimensional acoustic propagation in a waveguide of variable
  10. 2pUW10 Global-scale acoustic modeling in an ocean overlying elastic
  11. 2pUW11 An accurate, efficient rough surface parabolic equation program.
  12. 2pUW12 Modeling a directional source in an underwater acoustic waveguide.
  13. 2pUW13 Comparison of theory and experiment of acoustic bottom penetration
  14. 2pUW14 Propagation characteristics from the trans-Arctic propagation
  15. 2pUW15 Mode vector parabolic equation.
  16. 2pUW16 Application of the mode vector parabolic equation to the
  17. 2pUW17 Semiclassical techniques for long-range, low-frequency
  18. 2pUW18 Probabilistic range dependence in a numerical average underwater
  19. 2pUW19 Characterization of oceanographic/acoustic variability in littoral
  20. 2pUW20 Solution of the acoustic wave equation in underwater environments
  21. 2pUW21 A method for computing adiabatic modal wavefronts.
  22. 2pUW22 A comparison of broadband and narrow-band transmission loss in
  23. 2pUW23 The effect of roughness on acoustic penetration of the seafloor as
  24. 2pUW24 Marching wave-number-integration approach to range-dependent,
  25. 2pUW25 Comparison of exact and approximate solutions of multiple
  26. 2pUW26 Sediment layer structure and composition effects on pulse
  27. 2pUW27 Three-dimensional acoustic/geoacoustic propagation modeling of the
  28. 2pUW28 Use of empirical orthogonal functions to estimate wave number
  29. 2pUW29 Multiple ocean layering models and mode trapping in sublayers for
  30. 2pUW30 Analysis of spatial-time characteristics of broadband pulse
  31. 2pUW31 Scholte--Stoneley waves on a solid layered ocean floor.
  32. 2pUW32 Measurement of upper-sediment geoacoustic properties in the
  33. 2pUW33 The relationship between rays and modes in a waveguide with
  34. 2pUW34 Some general properties of ray arrival sequences in an underwater