ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 2pNS - Noise

  1. 2pNS1 Measuring aircraft noise impact in a low signal-to-noise
  2. 2pNS2 Integrated noise model (INM) 5.0.
  3. 2pNS3 Statistical methods for automated INM path derivation.
  4. 2pNS4 Modeling aircraft departure profile using ARTS radar data.
  5. 2pNS5 Use of flight track information to resolve individual and
  6. 2pNS6 Wide area modeling of en route aircraft noise.
  7. 2pNS7 Applications of Boston-Logan's noise monitoring system.
  8. 2pNS8 A comparison of different aircraft noise metrics for large, medium,
  9. 2pNS9 Classification of noise events as aircraft overflights by means of
  10. 2pNS10 Effects of military aircraft noise on residential property sale
  11. 2pNS11 Six months of continuous measurement of one-hour average sound
  12. 2pNS12 The SEL noise reduction provided by barriers to residences located