ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 2aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 2aUW1 Unambiguous noise and reverberation measurements from a dual line
  2. 2aUW2 Reverberation characterization and suppression in the presence of
  3. 2aUW3 Appearance of elastic wave contributions in high resolution
  4. 2aUW4 An approach to matched field processing in correlated multipath
  5. 2aUW5 Multiple-frequency robust adaptive matched-field processing (MFP)
  6. 2aUW6 Fisher information for fluctuating intensity and the efficiency of
  7. 2aUW7 Parameter estimation bounds for acoustic intensity images.
  8. 2aUW8 A rapid forward model for matched-field inversion.
  9. 2aUW9 Localizing a source buried in noise in an uncertain environment.
  10. 2aUW10 Fast inversion of the ill-conditioned shallow water propagation
  11. 2aUW11 Matched-field replica model optimization and bottom property
  12. 2aUW12 Broadband matched-field processing of low level signals in shallow
  13. 2aUW13 Effects of ship trim and dynamic attitude on the relative noise
  14. 2aUW14 Gradient-based receiver structures for detecting sound directions.
  15. 2aUW15 Broadband matched-field source localization with a horizontal line
  16. 2aUW16 Minimum variance matched-field source localization with SACLANT
  17. 2aUW17 Mirages in shallow water matched-field processing.
  18. 2aUW18 Robustness and resolution of a ray travel time inversion scheme.
  19. 2aUW19 Broadband hydrophone calibration below 1 MHz.
  20. 2aUW20 Broadband guide source helps localization in shallow water.
  21. 2aUW21 Source depth dependence of mismatch-induced range and depth
  22. 2aUW22 Nonambiguous beamforming for a high resolution twin-line array.
  23. 2aUW23 Shallow water active sonar issues.
  24. 2aUW24 Acoustic calibration of shallow underwater explosive charges.
  25. 2aUW25 Pressure effects on the dynamic and static properties of
  26. 2aUW26 Nonlinear transformations for spatial matched filtering
  27. 2aUW27 Shallow water source track localization using matched multipath
  28. 2aUW28 Autonomous environmental measurement system.
  29. 2aUW29 Target range and depth estimation from surface multipath.
  30. 2aUW30 Results on the sequential classification of spherical objects in
  31. 2aUW31 Efficient acoustic-field computations for matched-field inversion
  32. 2aUW32 Sonar array self-noise analysis using hydrophone cross-correlation
  33. 2aUW33 Large-array acoustic signal processing in random deep-water