ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 1pNS - Noise

  1. 1pNS1 Active control of broadband random noise using energy density
  2. 1pNS2 Multichannel block adaptive filters for real-time, nonparametric
  3. 1pNS3 Active control of sound transmission through a thin metal plate.
  4. 1pNS4 Near-field acoustic holography for enclosures with unknown Green's
  5. 1pNS5 Principal component analysis applied to the active control of
  6. 1pNS6 Optimal design of enclosures for active noise control and
  7. 1pNS7 Attenuation of broadband noise in a reverberant room using a
  8. 1pNS8 Experimental investigation of low-frequency noise from jet engine
  9. 1pNS9 Active control of acoustic intensity in a duct.
  10. 1pNS10 Insertion loss studies of a baffle-simple expansion chamber
  11. 1pNS11 Reflection of higher-order modes at the end of rectangular ducts.
  12. 1pNS12 Acoustical studies of a duct system using a power flow model.
  13. 1pNS13 A multi-mode acoustic filter based on Bragg resonance.
  14. 1pNS14 Studies of source--load interaction in a duct system using