ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 1pEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 1pEA1 Design of a miniature fiber optic acoustic sensor for an acoustic
  2. 1pEA2 A fiber optic dual-beam laser Doppler vibrometer for measurement of
  3. 1pEA3 Target visibility measurements: Three-dimensional laser vibrometer.
  4. 1pEA4 Detection of strain-induced wavelength shifts in an optical fiber
  5. 1pEA5 Simple intensity type fiber optic vibration sensors and sensor
  6. 1pEA6 Fiber-optic microphone based on combination of Fabry--Perot
  7. 1pEA7 Field tests of a high-temperature fiber optic lever microphone.
  8. 1pEA8 An innovative probe microphone design for use in high-frequency
  9. 1pEA9 Use of a background noise correction.
  10. 1pEA10 Precision of reference sound source hemianechoic sound power
  11. 1pEA11 Underwater linear horn array simulator.
  12. 1pEA12 Application of shredded rubber tires to reducing sound reflection
  13. 1pEA13 Measurement of acoustic properties of materials at low frequencies
  14. 1pEA14 Wind turbulence spectra for heights from 2 to 32 m measured during
  15. 1pEA15 Application of cardioid beamforming in both impedance tube and
  16. 1pEA16 Panel response to jet noise under near sonic conditions.
  17. 1pEA17 Acoustic detection of jet aircraft.
  18. 1pEA18 Measurement of the distortion level of a loudspeaker using an