ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 1aPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 1aPA1 On local versus global parametrization of short-pulse-excited
  2. 1aPA2 Short pulse sound wave scattering by a fluid shell model target
  3. 1aPA3 Acoustic response of interacting gas bubbles.
  4. 1aPA4 Scattering from a fluid-loaded elastic spherical shell in proximity
  5. 1aPA5 The effect of turbulence drift on acoustical scattering into a
  6. 1aPA6 Resonant behavior of two eclipsed shells: Quasiharmonic study.
  7. 1aPA7 Pressure impulse response measurements for elastic scatterers in
  8. 1aPA8 Sound diffraction by a ground with barriers or impedance
  9. 1aPA9 Application of the PE method to up-slope sound propagation.
  10. 1aPA10 An experimental investigation of the propagation of sound over a
  11. 1aPA11 Atmospheric characterization and classification for use in sound
  12. 1aPA12 Locally reacting boundary condition over sloping boundaries for