ASA 129th Meeting - Washington, DC - 1995 May 30 .. Jun 06

Papers in 1aAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 1aAO1 Acoustic thermometry of ocean climate (ATOC).
  2. 1aAO2 A comparison of measured and predicted broadband acoustic arrival
  3. 1aAO3 Signal generation and processing for the R/P Flip ATOC
  4. 1aAO4 The response of acoustic measurements to anthropogenic climate
  5. 1aAO5 Stochastic modeling and global warming trend extraction for ocean
  6. 1aAO6 Are faster than predicted arrival times seeing Arctic Ocean
  7. 1aAO7 Long-distance low-frequency modal propagation into the Lincoln
  8. 1aAO8 Use of simplified coupled mode propagation for the prediction of
  9. 1aAO9 On the feasibility of modal group delay-based tomography in the
  10. 1aAO10 Ray identification theory in ocean acoustic tomography.
  11. 1aAO11 Frequency interpolation method for increasing speed of long-range
  12. 1aAO12 Internal wave effects on long-range ocean acoustic tomography.
  13. 1aAO13 Horizontal multipaths caused by mesoscale structure and their
  14. 1aAO14 Travel time effects of mesoscale structure on rays and waves at