ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 5aSC - Speech Communications

  1. 5aSC1 The effects of speaking rate on the intelligibility of speech for
  2. 5aSC2 Speech modulation transfer functions for different speaking styles.
  3. 5aSC3 Speech intelligibility of a multiple loudspeaker public address
  4. 5aSC4 Intelligibility of normal speakers: Error analysis.
  5. 5aSC5 Intelligibility of normal speakers: Vowel space characteristics.
  6. 5aSC6 Visual-speech intelligibility for syllables: A comparison of
  7. 5aSC7 Investigating the role of specific facial information in
  8. 5aSC8 A comparison between cerebral-palsied and normal adults in the
  9. 5aSC9 Vowel perception in dyslexic subjects.
  10. 5aSC10 Stress identification by hearing-impaired listeners.
  11. 5aSC11 Effects of formant bandwidth on the performance of two cochlear
  12. 5aSC12 Creating and confirming acoustic targets in compression
  13. 5aSC13 Results of take-home trial for a nonlinear beamformer used as a
  14. 5aSC14 Temporal characteristics of the speech of a deaf-blind person with
  15. 5aSC15 Esophageal speech analysis.
  16. 5aSC16 Acoustic properties of alaryngeal speech.
  17. 5aSC17 Analytical study of pathologic tremulous voices of
  18. 5aSC18 The structural organization of the mental lexicon and its
  19. 5aSC19 Age differences in the effects of talker familiarity on spoken word
  20. 5aSC20 Closed-set response formats: An evaluation within the framework of
  21. 5aSC21 Implicit memory for hybrid silent-center syllables.
  22. 5aSC22 Effects of compound priming on listeners' identification of a /kVC/
  23. 5aSC23 Task demands affect lipreaders' search for information.
  24. 5aSC24 Detection of speech targets under the divided attention
  25. 5aSC25 Recent progress in the INRS speech recognition system.

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