ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 5aPAb - Physical Acoustics

  1. 5aPAb1 Acoustics in the first 100 years of The Physical Review.
  2. 5aPAb2 Acoustic wave propagation through actin/alpha-actinin gels.
  3. 5aPAb3 Calibrating the methods of stationary phase and steepest descent.
  4. 5aPAb4 Edge wave on-axis behind a disk or aperture having a random edge.
  5. 5aPAb5 Analysis of the diffraction process near a corner of a rigid wedge.
  6. 5aPAb6 Acoustic field in a borehole within a layered formation.
  7. 5aPAb7 Acoustic radiation force on a rigid sphere in a viscous
  8. 5aPAb8 Transfer coupler reciprocity method for the absolute low-frequency
  9. 5aPAb9 Measurement microphone calibrations and their uncertainty.
  10. 5aPAb10 Exploring the parameter space of low frequency of
  11. 5aPAb11 Experimental investigation of onset threshold for shape
  12. 5aPAb12 Study of liquid drop shape oscillations with an automatic image
  13. 5aPAb13 A study of the natural frequencies of spherical and distorted
  14. 5aPAb14 Calming the capillary waves on the surface of a bubble using an
  15. 5aPAb15 Observation of nonlinear scattering of acoustical waves at a
  16. 5aPAb16 Sonolysis in liquid water without gas bubbles.
  17. 5aPAb17 Sound energy loss during sonolysis.

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