ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 4pSP - Signal Processing

  1. 4pSP1 Characterization of supersonic projectile shockwaves using wavelets.
  2. 4pSP2 The use of surface wave dispersion for source ranging.
  3. 4pSP3 Application of wavelet transform to fluctuation based processing.
  4. 4pSP4 A first approximation to wavelet transform.
  5. 4pSP5 The application of wave field dislocations to the characterization
  6. 4pSP6 Estimation of spatial backscatter power spectra from sonar images.
  7. 4pSP7 An adaptive threshold target detection and estimation algorithm.
  8. 4pSP8 Acoustic imaging with radiation imaging operators.
  9. 4pSP9 Aeroacoustic wideband array processing for detection and tracking of
  10. 4pSP10 Application of narrow-band and broadband signal processing
  11. 4pSP11 Simulation of real-time recognition of marine-mammal sounds by a
  12. 4pSP12 Experimental studies of the effect of non-Newtonian constitutivity
  13. 4pSP13 Spectrum space-time signal processing matched with an antenna's

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