ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 4pSC - Speech Communications

  1. 4pSC1 The relation between identification and discrimination of vowels by
  2. 4pSC2 Identification of natural and synthesized vowels produced by
  3. 4pSC3 Identification of natural and synthesized vowels produced by
  4. 4pSC4 Creation of a children's speech database.
  5. 4pSC5 Acoustic indices of production mechanisms underlying tonal ``grunt''
  6. 4pSC6 Animal and computational models of development of graded vowel
  7. 4pSC7 Hot spots in the newborn vowel space.
  8. 4pSC8 Competition and categorization: The effect of choice set on vowel
  9. 4pSC9 Study of quantal theory of vowel production using area function and
  10. 4pSC10 Vowel recognition using an articulatory representation.
  11. 4pSC11 Back--front classification of English vowels using a
  12. 4pSC12 The long/short vowel distinction in Maori---A preliminary study.
  13. 4pSC13 Coproduction, accent, and the tense/lax vowel contrast.
  14. 4pSC14 An analysis of Norwegian vowels: What determines the topography of
  15. 4pSC15 Variability of vowel formant frequencies and speaker normalization:
  16. 4pSC16 Dynamic information for vowel identity is formant-based, while
  17. 4pSC17 Speech enhancement based on auditory perception.
  18. 4pSC18 Spectral-envelope synthesis of vowels: Progress report.
  19. 4pSC19 Formant synthesis: Turning cascade into parallel with applications
  20. 4pSC20 Fractal timing of phonemic transforms.
  21. 4pSC21 The effects of systematic duration changes on phonemic
  22. 4pSC22 Speech variability in the TIMIT database.

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