ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 2aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 2aUW1 Scattering function characterization of time and frequency spreading
  2. 2aUW2 Theoretical approaches for computing FAT spreads.
  3. 2aUW3 Measurements and interpretation of spatial coherence and angular
  4. 2aUW4 On the dependence of bottom scatter on frequency, grazing angle, and
  5. 2aUW5 Shallow water measurements of time spreading at high frequency.
  6. 2aUW6 A coupled bispectral, temporal and spatial coherence function of the
  7. 2aUW7 Real time signal processing for high-frequency long distance
  8. 2aUW8 Frequency dependence of sound propagation in shallow water: Theory
  9. 2aUW9 Broadband frequency dispersion in shallow water as an active
  10. 2aUW10 Scattering function characterization of underwater acoustic
  11. 2aUW11 Sound scattering at surface waves in the ocean, revisited.
  12. 2aUW12 Broadband frequency dispersion prediction using shallow-water data
  13. 2aUW13 Method of determining the effective scattering cross section.

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