ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 2aSC - Speech Communications

  1. 2aSC1 Perceiving oral release rate of voiced stop consonants.
  2. 2aSC2 Burst spectral measures and formant frequencies can be used to
  3. 2aSC3 Locus equations as phonetic descriptors of consonantal place of
  4. 2aSC4 Categorization of stop consonants in /sCs/ context.
  5. 2aSC5 Acoustic and perceptual study of French stop bursts: Implications
  6. 2aSC6 Korean stops and affricates: Acoustic and perceptual characteristics
  7. 2aSC7 Production and perception of consonant coarticulation in Taiwanese.
  8. 2aSC8 Aerodynamic evidence of preconsonantal stop lenition in Taiwanese.
  9. 2aSC9 Techniques for improved stop and nasal consonant discrimination.
  10. 2aSC10 Acoustic cues for /(theta)/ in American English.
  11. 2aSC11 Clicks in a Chinese nursery rhyme.
  12. 2aSC12 Individual differences and the acquisition of new phonetic
  13. 2aSC13 Improvements in the perception of American English vowels by
  14. 2aSC14 English /r/ and /l/ production in American and bilingual Japanese
  15. 2aSC15 Perception and production of the English /r/--/l/ contrast by
  16. 2aSC16 Phrase-final lengthening and stress-timed shortening effects in
  17. 2aSC17 English vowels for Chinese speakers enrolled in English as a second
  18. 2aSC18 Intelligibility assessment of Chinese-accented English.
  19. 2aSC19 A phonetic study of stress in Korean.
  20. 2aSC20 Acoustic properties of primary and secondary word-level stress in
  21. 2aSC21 Modeling the articulatory dynamics of two kinds of stress.
  22. 2aSC22 Timing differences between prenuclear and nuclear pitch accents in
  23. 2aSC23 Identification of rhythmic forms of speech production.
  24. 2aSC24 Internal temporal structure of Mandarin syllables.
  25. 2aSC25 Organization of acoustic singularities in running speech.
  26. 2aSC26 Young infants' use of prosodic cues to assess lexical information.
  27. 2aSC27 Inclusion of a prosodic module in spoken language translation
  28. 2aSC28 The relationship between prosody and syntax in generation and
  29. 2aSC29 On the acoustics of broad and narrow focus.

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