ASA 130th Meeting - St. Louis, MO - 1995 Nov 27 .. Dec 01

Papers in 1pPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 1pPA1 An improved iterative Born technique for ultrasound mammography.
  2. 1pPA2 Acoustic imaging of thin films or interfaces.
  3. 1pPA3 Development of a portable, focused-beam ultrasonic scanner for the
  4. 1pPA4 Optical detection of ultrasound with a high-power pulsed laser.
  5. 1pPA5 Time reversal of ultrasonic waves in solids: Theory and experiments.
  6. 1pPA6 Harmonic generation measurements as a function of frequency in a
  7. 1pPA7 Detailed observation of the complete fracture process of brittle
  8. 1pPA8 Phase-insensitive homomorphic image processing for speckle
  9. 1pPA9 Evaluation of source sound pressure of an ultrasonic transducer
  10. 1pPA10 Numerical study on particle velocity and sound pressure by circular
  11. 1pPA11 A new approach to compute the resultant pressure of linear array.
  12. 1pPA12 Response of a focused transducer facing a rigid reflector.
  13. 1pPA13 Implosion sound.
  14. 1pPA14 Systematic measurements of duct end corrections in the Greenspan
  15. 1pPA15 Numerical investigations of modified Greenspan viscometers.
  16. 1pPA16 Sound velocity measurements of thin sheet materials at high
  17. 1pPA17 Networks for piezoceramic resonators.

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