ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 5pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 5pUW1 Experimental study of the scattered near field of submerged objects
  2. 5pUW2 Multiple scattering by obstacles whose circumscribing spheres
  3. 5pUW3 A new formulation for scattering from two objects and objects near
  4. 5pUW4 Combined volume and surface scattering in a channel using a modal
  5. 5pUW5 Self-consistent scattering theory for normal mode propagation.
  6. 5pUW6 Inclusion of rough surface scattering in a finite element parabolic
  7. 5pUW7 Inversion of normal incidence backscatter data from gassy
  8. 5pUW8 Analysis of a bottom backscattering data set: Evidence of
  9. 5pUW9 Improved empirical descriptions of the dependence of surface
  10. 5pUW10 Anomalous frequency behavior in low-frequency sea-surface
  11. 5pUW11 Low-frequency acoustic wave generation in a resonant bubble layer.
  12. 5pUW12 Single surface integral equation for penetrable wedge scattering.
  13. 5pUW13 Forward and inverse scattering from rough surfaces at low grazing
  14. 5pUW14 Time domain visualizations of the acoustic scattering from
  15. 5pUW15 Application of isoperimetric inequalities to the problem of
  16. 5pUW16 Dominant pole scattering model for Arctic ice keels.
  17. 5pUW17 Revolving-projection stereo imaging of hard-skinned sonar targets.
  18. 5pUW18 The low-frequency scattering action of fish schools.
  19. 5pUW19 Theoretical study of echo energy scattered by a random
  20. 5pUW20 Zooplankton target strength: Areal or volumetric dependence?
  21. 5pUW21 In-situ target strength measurements of Antarctic zooplankton.
  22. 5pUW22 Scattering of underwater sound by algae.
  23. 5pUW23 Laser-induced underwater acoustic source for remote sensing of sea