ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 5aPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 5aPP1 A directional adaptive LMS acoustic array for hearing enhancement.
  2. 5aPP2 Preventing reverberation-induced target cancellation in
  3. 5aPP3 Multimicrophone hearing aids with binaural output.
  4. 5aPP4 Evaluation of a prototype beamforming binaural hearing aid.
  5. 5aPP5 Method for fitting binaural hearing aids.
  6. 5aPP6 Noise classification for hearing-aid adjustment.
  7. 5aPP7 Amplitude envelope cues for consonant recognition with simulated
  8. 5aPP8 Recruitment compensation based on a simplified loudness estimation
  9. 5aPP9 Discrimination of multichannel-compressed stop consonants.
  10. 5aPP10 The effect of compression ratio on speech intelligibility and
  11. 5aPP11 Spectral enhancement using a two-filter model of impaired
  12. 5aPP12 Spectral enhancement to compensate for reduced frequency
  13. 5aPP13 Speech recognition of normal-hearing and hearing-impaired
  14. 5aPP14 Speech recognition thresholds in temporally complex backgrounds:
  15. 5aPP15 Temporal asynchrony effects in listeners with cochlear hearing
  16. 5aPP16 Frequency glide discrimination and frequency resolution as a
  17. 5aPP17 Frequency glide discrimination in the F2 region by normal-hearing
  18. 5aPP18 Additivity of notched-noise and broadband-noise masking in
  19. 5aPP19 Effects of vestibular neurectomy on intensity discrimination and
  20. 5aPP20 Toward a model for clinical evaluation of hearing loss and hearing
  21. 5aPP21 The time course of effects on intensity discrimination following
  22. 5aPP22 Norms for a headphone simulation of the Hearing in Noise Test:
  23. 5aPP23 Detection and recognition of narrow-band sound effects.
  24. 5aPP24 The effect of double hearing protection on speech intelligibility