ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 5aNS - Noise

  1. 5aNS1 Passive-active isolator control of sound radiation from a
  2. 5aNS2 Experimental system identification of the interior acoustic field
  3. 5aNS3 Active control of interior noise in a business aircraft using
  4. 5aNS4 Active control of plate volume velocity using shaped PVDF sensor.
  5. 5aNS5 A case study in university--industry cooperation on active sound
  6. 5aNS6 Active control using only a layer of simple sources.
  7. 5aNS7 Use of perforated panels as an active control source.
  8. 5aNS8 Active control of energy density in three-dimensional enclosures.
  9. 5aNS9 Active control of noise radiated into an enclosure.
  10. 5aNS10 Linear time-invariant approaches to feedforward, multifrequency
  11. 5aNS11 Adaptive feedforward modal space control.
  12. 5aNS12 Adaptive compensation of piezoelectric sensoriactuators.
  13. 5aNS13 Active damping of enclosed sound fields through direct rate
  14. 5aNS14 Model insensitive control of transient and persistent
  15. 5aNS15 Practical considerations for designing shaped modal sensors from
  16. 5aNS16 Study on the method of active noise control in space.