ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 5aBV - Bioresponse to Vibration

  1. 5aBV1 Some fundamentals of vibrotactile sensation.
  2. 5aBV2 Vibration sensation in played stringed instruments.
  3. 5aBV3 Phonatory head and chest vibrations in singers.
  4. 5aBV4 The role of tactile and kinesthetic feedback in speech production.
  5. 5aBV5 Tactile feedback from brass instrument shell and air column
  6. 5aBV6 Vibrations in violins with tuned fingerboards: A case study of
  7. 5aBV7 The effects of hyperbaric conditions on vibrotactile thresholds.
  8. 5aBV8 Tactual performance with motional stimulation of the index finger.
  9. 5aBV9 Tactile and auditory measures of modulation resolution.
  10. 5aBV10 Examining the effects of long-term experience using tactile
  11. 5aBV11 Effects of haptic movement on tactile pattern identification.