ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 4pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4pSP1 Salient pitch cues in the perception of contrastive focus.
  2. 4pSP2 Repetition priming in auditory word recognition.
  3. 4pSP3 On the interaction of phonology and orthography in spoken word
  4. 4pSP4 The time course of neighborhood and lexical effects in phoneme
  5. 4pSP5 Changing the duration of silent-center syllables affects
  6. 4pSP6 The effects of accent and target predictability on perception of
  7. 4pSP7 Lexical access is influenced by vocal expression of emotion.
  8. 4pSP8 Perceived similarity of vocal expression of emotion.
  9. 4pSP9 Attentional allocation during speech perception: Evidence from
  10. 4pSP10 The effect of discriminability on dimensional interactions of
  11. 4pSP11 Researchers beware: Use of speech-modulated noise adds strong
  12. 4pSP12 Spectral restoration of speech by noise.
  13. 4pSP13 Perceptual normalization of speech and nonspeech.
  14. 4pSP14 The representation of the place of nasal stops in word
  15. 4pSP15 Bimodal perception of spectrum compressed speech.
  16. 4pSP16 Evaluation of a dynamical model of speech perception.
  17. 4pSP17 Tests of the perceptual magnet effect for American English /k/ and
  18. 4pSP18 Tests of the perceptual magnet effect for American English /r/ and
  19. 4pSP19 The internal structure of phonetic categories is robust.
  20. 4pSP20 Exploration of the phonetic structure of cues for places of
  21. 4pSP21 Transients at stop-consonant releases.
  22. 4pSP22 Frequency contrast and the effect of preceding liquid on
  23. 4pSP23 Perceptual significance of locus equations.
  24. 4pSP24 Perception of syllable-initial English stops by native Korean
  25. 4pSP25 Fundamental frequency effects on [voice] judgments in intervocalic
  26. 4pSP26 Effects of speaker, token, and noise variability on the perception
  27. 4pSP27 Memory for vowel exemplars.
  28. 4pSP28 Effects of intonation context on the perceptual integrality of F0
  29. 4pSP29 Fundamental frequency effects on thresholds for vowel formant
  30. 4pSP30 Perception of back vowel height: Effects of varying F1-F0 bark
  31. 4pSP31 Perception of linear formant trajectories in vowels.
  32. 4pSP32 Single formant discrimination as a function of F[sub 1]--F[sub 0]
  33. 4pSP33 Influence of multipole test sessions on perceptual weight of
  34. 4pSP34 Influence of silence duration distribution in perception of stop
  35. 4pSP35 Prosodic constraints on glottalization of vowel-initial syllables
  36. 4pSP36 Effects of speaking rate and paragraph structure on the production
  37. 4pSP37 Synthesizing multistyle speech using the Klatt synthesizer.
  38. 4pSP38 Syllable- and rhyme-internal timing: Combined effects of
  39. 4pSP39 Perception of Arabic and English vowels by Arabs.