ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 4aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4aSP1 Linking speech and language processing through prosody.
  2. 4aSP2 Freedoms and constraints in computational prosody modeling from
  3. 4aSP3 Computational aids for the study of prosody.
  4. 4aSP4 Generating intonation with a dynamic lexicon of prosodic
  5. 4aSP5 Text-to-speech synthesis and statistical analysis of natural speech
  6. 4aSP6 Annotation and prosodic control in the Eloquence text-to-speech
  7. 4aSP7 Acoustic study of verbal hesitations, filled pauses, and unfilled
  8. 4aSP8 Accent-bearing units.
  9. 4aSP9 Computational modeling of accent and intonation in declarative
  10. 4aSP10 Duration of Spanish [s] in three contexts: Citation forms versus
  11. 4aSP11 Automatic intonation stylization using a model of pitch
  12. 4aSP12 A computational model of prosodic perception.
  13. 4aSP13 Effect of speaking style on parameters of fundamental frequency