ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 4aPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 4aPP1 Gap detection by human infants.
  2. 4aPP2 An asymmetric roex filter model for describing detection of silent
  3. 4aPP3 Temporal gap detection thresholds in sinusoidal markers simulated
  4. 4aPP4 Temporal gap detection thresholds in sinusoidal markers simulated
  5. 4aPP5 Time-interval patterns in damped and ramped sinusoids.
  6. 4aPP6 Discrimination of time-asymmetric-modulated noise.
  7. 4aPP7 Perception of sinusoid ``ramps'' and ``damps'' by the goldfish.
  8. 4aPP8 Auditory detection of an increment in the rate of a random process.
  9. 4aPP9 Level discrimination in roving-level, notched-noise maskers as a
  10. 4aPP10 Sample discrimination of intensity differences for mixtures of
  11. 4aPP11 The relationship between the difference limen (DL) in intensity
  12. 4aPP12 Common stimulus effects on the Weber and loudness growth
  13. 4aPP13 Some detection-theory models for relating loudness and intensity
  14. 4aPP14 Is ``recalibration'' of loudness related to short-term auditory
  15. 4aPP15 Dichotic loudness of tone-noise complexes.
  16. 4aPP16 Individual, sex, and ear differences in measures of overshoot and
  17. 4aPP17 Interaction of three different types of maskers.
  18. 4aPP18 The effect of coherent frequency change on signal detectability.
  19. 4aPP19 Masking of a short probe by sinusoidal FM.
  20. 4aPP20 Influence of the expectation of a particular signal duration on
  21. 4aPP21 Does recovery from forward masking reflect two neural channels?
  22. 4aPP22 A computational theory of auditory event detection.
  23. 4aPP23 A model of the effective auditory signal processing. I: Masking
  24. 4aPP24 Temporal integration, multiple looks, and signal uncertainty.
  25. 4aPP25 Optimal decision rules for the same-different task.
  26. 4aPP26 Optimal decision rules for the oddity task.