ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 3pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 3pUW1 High-resolution geoacoustic modeling for SWellEX-1 using a
  2. 3pUW2 Experimental spatiotemporal signal correlation functions in a
  3. 3pUW3 Ambient noise and reverberation in the Littoral Region west of
  4. 3pUW4 Acoustic prediction in shallow water from sparse data.
  5. 3pUW5 Structures and intensities of interference zones in a ducting
  6. 3pUW6 The propagation of very-high-frequency sound in a strongly ducted
  7. 3pUW7 On describing pulse signals from explosives in a waveguide.
  8. 3pUW8 Shallow water single mode excitation using feedback control.
  9. 3pUW9 ``Sound in the Ocean:'' A short video.
  10. 3pUW10 Acoustic wave propagation in a random, shallow water waveguide.
  11. 3pUW11 Range/depth dependence of long-range reverberation in shallow
  12. 3pUW12 Effective reflection and transmission coefficients for the mean
  13. 3pUW13 Modeling of sound propagation over a shear-supporting sediment
  14. 3pUW14 Acoustic backscatter analysis from a smooth sand surface.
  15. 3pUW15 Sensitivity and predictability of intensity statistics for
  16. 3pUW16 Transmission of acoustic pulses from an underwater spark source
  17. 3pUW17 A shallow water acoustic/geoacoustic experiment at the New Jersey
  18. 3pUW18 Time-frequency energy distribution analysis of a shallow water
  19. 3pUW19 Shallow water sediment layer structure and composition effects on
  20. 3pUW20 A high-order time-domain paraxial equation for weakly nonlinear
  21. 3pUW21 Empirical orthogonal function representations of stochastic
  22. 3pUW22 Revisions to an empirical surface loss model using a correction