ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 3pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 3pSP1 Velopharyngeal insufficiency analysis based on the lossless tube
  2. 3pSP2 A three-channel model for nasals and nasalization.
  3. 3pSP3 Neural network-based analysis of cues for vowel and consonant
  4. 3pSP4 Locus equations during compensatory articulation: A test of the
  5. 3pSP5 The interaction of F0 and vowel quality in tonal and nontonal
  6. 3pSP6 Inferring degree of coarticulation and relational invariance of
  7. 3pSP7 Acoustic correlates of glottal characteristics of female speakers.
  8. 3pSP8 Pilot study on cross-language transformation of vowels.
  9. 3pSP9 A reconsideration of locus equations as invariants for place of
  10. 3pSP10 A model of jaw movement control based on the equilibrium point
  11. 3pSP11 Modeling speech production using finite difference techniques.
  12. 3pSP12 Physical constraint of tonal production: A study of F0 movement in
  13. 3pSP13 Durational characteristics of proper names common words.
  14. 3pSP14 Syllable duration and word boundaries in French: A preliminary
  15. 3pSP15 Complete neutralization of manner of articulation in Korean.
  16. 3pSP16 Speaking rate, VOT, and quantity: The search for higher-order
  17. 3pSP17 Acoustic contrast and the origin of the human vowel space.
  18. 3pSP18 Skill acquisition, coarticulation, and rate effects in a neural
  19. 3pSP19 What explains habitual speaking rate?---Neuromuscular constraints
  20. 3pSP20 Cross-language analysis of VCV coarticulation.
  21. 3pSP21 Evaluation of individual differences in vowel perception through
  22. 3pSP22 A report on the vowels of traditional speakers of Western Navajo