ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 3pMU - Musical Acoustics

  1. 3pMU1 The state of the art of holographic vibration analysis.
  2. 3pMU2 A study on radiation pattern and radiation efficiency of an upright
  3. 3pMU3 Analysis of contrast in marimba stroke articulation.
  4. 3pMU4 Holographic studies of normal modes in bass handbells.
  5. 3pMU5 Time-domain simulation of sound production in brass instruments.
  6. 3pMU6 Acoustical characteristics of a conch shell trumpet.
  7. 3pMU7 The modern baroque trumpet.
  8. 3pMU8 Synthesis of the sound pressure radiated by a guitar using a mixed
  9. 3pMU9 A measurable result of bi-tri octave plate tuning.