ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 3aPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 3aPP1 Lateralization of comodulated bands of noise.
  2. 3aPP2 Quantitative analysis of onset dominance in lateralization.
  3. 3aPP3 A maximum-likelihood method for measuring binaural lateralization.
  4. 3aPP4 The relative contribution of target IDTs and distractor IDLs in
  5. 3aPP5 Lateralization of a frequency-modulated 500-Hz tone.
  6. 3aPP6 Consistency over frequency in high-frequency binaural
  7. 3aPP7 Effects of uncertainty on auditory spatial resolution of tonal
  8. 3aPP8 Adaptation to supernormal auditory localization cues as a function
  9. 3aPP9 Auditory localization in noise. I. The effects of signal-to-noise
  10. 3aPP10 Auditory localization in noise. II. The effects of masker
  11. 3aPP11 Auditory guided search: Free-field and synthesized.
  12. 3aPP12 Directional masking: Detection, localization, and confidence in
  13. 3aPP13 Binaural and monaural influences on ``free-field'' masking for
  14. 3aPP14 Response measures used in free-field localization.
  15. 3aPP15 The continuity of auditory apparent motion for amplitude-modulated
  16. 3aPP16 Thresholds for detection of a change in the displacement,
  17. 3aPP17 Minimum audible movement angle thresholds at low velocities.
  18. 3aPP18 Sudden changes in simulated room acoustics influence echo
  19. 3aPP19 Distance information transmission using first-order reflections.
  20. 3aPP20 Detecting changes in distance in an anechoic and echoic
  21. 3aPP21 Radial basis function neural network for modeling auditory space.
  22. 3aPP22 Neural network models of sound localization based on monaural