ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 3aED - Acoustics Education

  1. 3aED1 Computer simulation of drop behavior in an acoustic levitation
  2. 3aED2 Identification of sound radiation from a discontinuity.
  3. 3aED3 Computer graphic simulations of microscopic particle collisions for
  4. 3aED4 Behavior of an air jet interacting with a Helmholtz resonator.
  5. 3aED5 Speaking rate and associated kinematic patterns of tongue
  6. 3aED6 Analysis, modification, and synthesis of dolphin signature
  7. 3aED7 Ray-tracing analysis of auditorium acoustics for the Macintosh.
  8. 3aED8 Excursion requirements for low-frequency transducers when operated
  9. 3aED9 End-point detection of microphone-array speech signals.
  10. 3aED10 Dynamic information in the identification of Mandarin Chinese
  11. 3aED11 Optimum source amplitude for reduction of sound radiation by
  12. 3aED12 Bass piano wire inharmonicity.