ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 2pPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 2pPA1 Experimental investigations of an acoustic soliton.
  2. 2pPA2 A study on the onset to chaos of hydrodynamic nonpropagating
  3. 2pPA3 Elastic wave propagation in randomly disordered layered media.
  4. 2pPA4 Nonlinear tube waves.
  5. 2pPA5 Interaction of flexural modes of a borehole and a cylinder.
  6. 2pPA6 Nonlinear wave propagation in a water-filled, conical shock tube.
  7. 2pPA7 Nonlinear processes in thermoacoustic engines.
  8. 2pPA8 Measurement of heat-exchange coefficients in an acoustic field.
  9. 2pPA9 Self-focusing of sound beams in cubic nonlinear media.
  10. 2pPA10 Diffracting nonlinear Rayleigh wave beams.
  11. 2pPA11 Reflection and transmission of a finite amplitude focused sound
  12. 2pPA12 Answer to criticism of my treatment of nonscattering of sound by
  13. 2pPA13 Answer to criticism of experiments on the scattering of sound by
  14. 2pPA14 Analytical and numerical solutions of the ``General Theory
  15. 2pPA15 Plane-wave interaction with a sound pulse.