ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 2pBV - Bioresponse to Vibration

  1. 2pBV1 Wavespace resolution in ultrasonic backscatter measurements.
  2. 2pBV2 Non-Rayleigh statistics of ultrasonic backscattered echo from
  3. 2pBV3 Time domain acoustic absorption: A unified model for linear and
  4. 2pBV4 New acoustical approaches to perfusion and other vascular dynamics.
  5. 2pBV5 Field measurements for an intra-arterial angioplasty device.
  6. 2pBV6 How accurate are volume flow measurements using Doppler ultrasound
  7. 2pBV7 The acoustic field of a pulsed Doppler diagnostic ultrasound system
  8. 2pBV8 Thresholds for transient cavitation produced in phantoms by pulsed
  9. 2pBV9 In vitro measurements of the cavitation thresholds and the
  10. 2pBV10 Active cavitation detection of microbubble echocontrast agents in
  11. 2pBV11 Cavitation from short pulses of megahertz-frequency ultrasound.
  12. 2pBV12 Temperature distribution and noninvasive monitoring during