ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 2aPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 2aPP1 A nonlinear traveling-wave amplifier model of the cochlea.
  2. 2aPP2 Local wave dispersion in the cochlea.
  3. 2aPP3 Stability analysis on the time-domain finite-difference solution of
  4. 2aPP4 Global and local parameter and response attributes in a box-cochlea
  5. 2aPP5 Level dependence of AC and DC magnitude transfer functions in the
  6. 2aPP6 Variability of voltage dependency of the outer hair cell (OHC)
  7. 2aPP7 Interaction between response modulation and adaptation in the
  8. 2aPP8 Effects of complex-sound phase in the chinchilla auditory nerve.
  9. 2aPP9 Mechanisms involved in the phase sensitivity of auditory nerve
  10. 2aPP10 Developmental changes in auditory nuclei of the torus
  11. 2aPP11 Transient changes in neural discharge patterns may enhance the
  12. 2aPP12 Interval statistics generated from a cochlear model in response to
  13. 2aPP13 Temporal bandpass filters from simulated cochlear nucleus neurons.
  14. 2aPP14 Temporal process model for periodicity extraction in frog auditory
  15. 2aPP15 A delay-cell network for pitch estimation.
  16. 2aPP16 Brainstem auditory steady-state responses to multiple simultaneous
  17. 2aPP17 Effects of competing noise on latency of P300 auditory event
  18. 2aPP18 Modulation rate transfer functions in three species of cetaceans.
  19. 2aPP19 Temporary threshold shift: Peripheral and central measures.
  20. 2aPP20 Evidence for physiological correlates of the precedence effect in
  21. 2aPP21 Neurophysiological studies of acoustic processing in the ventral
  22. 2aPP22 A wavelet representation of acoustic information in the auditory
  23. 2aPP23 Click-evoked otoacoustic emissions in normal-hearing children.
  24. 2aPP24 Periodicity in the spectrum of transiently evoked otoacoustic
  25. 2aPP25 Suppression of transiently evoked otoacoustic emissions.
  26. 2aPP26 Transient-evoked otoacoustic emission suppression tuning curves in
  27. 2aPP27 The effects of contralateral stimulation on synchronous evoked
  28. 2aPP28 Spontaneous otoacoustic emission prevalence patterns in humans.
  29. 2aPP29 Measurements of distortion product phase in the cat ear canal.
  30. 2aPP30 A suppressive ``off-effect'' in the f[sub 2]-f[sub 1] DPOAE
  31. 2aPP31 Changes in cochlear frequency selectivity caused by sound