ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 2aEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 2aEA1 Three periods of flextensional transducer evolution.
  2. 2aEA2 Developments in electromagnetic (variable reluctance) transducers
  3. 2aEA3 The Fessenden oscillator: History, electroacoustic model, and
  4. 2aEA4 An algorithm for fast computing spatial array three-dimensional
  5. 2aEA5 Transient response of arrays of linear and nonlinear transducers.
  6. 2aEA6 Application of the T-matrix method to the numerical modeling of an
  7. 2aEA7 Comparison of the coupling between two flexural underwater
  8. 2aEA8 Transducer array interaction modeling using variational principles.
  9. 2aEA9 On acoustic coupling of flextensional sonar projectors to vibration
  10. 2aEA10 Spark-driven Helmholtz resonator.