ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 2aBV - Bioresponse to Vibration

  1. 2aBV1 The use of focused ultrasound for stimulation of receptor's nervous
  2. 2aBV2 Vibrotactile sensory characteristics.
  3. 2aBV3 Tactile response of ultrasound exposure in humans.
  4. 2aBV4 Measurement of the vibrational response of porcine lungs to
  5. 2aBV5 Ultrasonic cleaning of the skin surface.
  6. 2aBV6 Selective anti-cancer drug enhancements with therapeutic
  7. 2aBV7 The effects of aging on vibrotactile threshold in glabrous skin.
  8. 2aBV8 The effects of aging on temporal summation in the Pacinian (P)
  9. 2aBV9 Tactile forward masking in Pacinian and non-Pacinian channels.
  10. 2aBV10 Effects of signal duration on vibrotactile intensity