ASA 127th Meeting M.I.T. 1994 June 6-10

Papers in 1pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 1pUW1 Vertical noise versus wind speed.
  2. 1pUW2 Ambient noise and earthquake measurements with Swallow Floats.
  3. 1pUW3 Environmental correlate to underwater acoustic noise in the Arctic
  4. 1pUW4 Ambient noise vertical and horizontal directionality during
  5. 1pUW5 A theoretical model of bubble clouds as sources of noise in shallow
  6. 1pUW6 Nonlinear excitation of collective oscillations of fresh and salt
  7. 1pUW7 Analysis of North Atlantic bottom reverberation and examination of
  8. 1pUW8 Comparison of acoustic model predictions with reverberation data
  9. 1pUW9 Modeling deterministic features in the ARSRP acoustic data.
  10. 1pUW10 Wide-area backscatter from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge experiment of
  11. 1pUW11 Seafloor vertical array data collected during the July 1993 ARSRP
  12. 1pUW12 Analyses of DTAGS acoustic array reverberation data from exposed
  13. 1pUW13 Reverberation characterization and suppression by means of
  14. 1pUW14 Seafloor backscattering from explosive sources during the 1993
  15. 1pUW15 July 1993 ARSRP acoustics experiments: Some results from R/V
  16. 1pUW16 Comparison of low-frequency acoustic backscatter data with model
  17. 1pUW17 Measurements and modeling of the spectral character of
  18. 1pUW18 Acoustic color of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
  19. 1pUW19 Seafloor insonification near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
  20. 1pUW20 Preliminary analysis from rapid-fire experiment over Whiskey Hole;