ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 5pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 5pSP1 The IPA problem.
  2. 5pSP2 Teaching phonetics to undergraduates at the University of
  3. 5pSP3 Intelligibility training for foreign-accented speech: a preliminary
  4. 5pSP4 Training effects for identification of synthetic speech tokens for
  5. 5pSP4 Vocal correlates of interpersonal issues.
  6. 5pSP6 Neuroticism and openness are predicted by fundamental frequency of
  7. 5pSP7 Allophonic variation in spoken and sung speech.
  8. 5pSP8 Effects of speaking rate, focal stress, and distinctive vowel
  9. 5pSP9 Forward and backward presentation of Chinese and English speech in
  10. 5pSP10 Control experiments on the frequency scale of speech intonation.
  11. 5pSP11 Some control experiments on a model for prominence perception.
  12. 5pSP12 Prosodic characteristics of register variation in the read speech
  13. 5pSP13 Prosodic cues of repetitions in Spanish spontaneous discourse.
  14. 5pSP14 Perceptual centers as an index of speech rhythm.
  15. 5pSP15 Perceptual centers are affected by stress location in English
  16. 5pSP16 Perceptual centers in Japanese disyllables.
  17. 5pSP17 Spectral analysis of amplitude envelopes of bandpass filtered
  18. 5pSP18 Prediction of speech transmission quality of wideband and
  19. 5pSP19 Cepstrogram and its application to speech analysis
  20. 5pSP20 The PEACC method of characterization of dynamic aspects of speech.
  21. 5pSP21 Analysis of quality factors in synthetic speech produced by rules.
  22. 5pSP22 Possible usages of LPC error for the estimation of voice
  23. 5pSP23 Speech stress classification and feature analysis using a neural
  24. 5pSP24 The dimensional structure of the lexicon.
  25. 5pSP25 Many-valued logic is reflected in formant location and spectral
  26. 5pSP26 Lie detection based on phonatory processes.