ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 5aEA - Engineering Acoustics

  1. 5aEA1 Numerical simulation of the aerosound from the viscous layer of an
  2. 5aEA2 Two-sound-pressures theorem for aerodynamic sound from
  3. 5aEA3 Symmetrical mode of rectangular choked jet screech.
  4. 5aEA4 Vortex sound in 2D: ``Vortex-force'' and ``Vorticity-alone'' forms.
  5. 5aEA5 Vortex sound: Equivalence of ``vortex-force'' and
  6. 5aEA6 Active noise control for attenuation of low-frequency broadband jet
  7. 5aEA7 Theoretical evaluation of flow-induced noise in hull-mounted sonar
  8. 5aEA8 Instrumentation to generate a two-phase turbulent (bubble)
  9. 5aEA9 The combustive sound source: Combustion and bubble dynamics theory
  10. 5aEA10 High level, low-frequency, plasma-induced bubble transducer.
  11. 5aEA11 Perturbation method applied to vibration monitoring of slotted
  12. 5aEA12 Flexural wave reduction using a compliant baffle.
  13. 5aEA13 Rethinking the acoustics curriculum.