ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 4pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 4pUW1 Bistatic bottom scattering observed by seafloor vertical arrays
  2. 4pUW2 Computer model simulations of reverberation from the ARSRP
  3. 4pUW3 Simulations of the 1993 ARSRP deep ocean seafloor scattering
  4. 4pUW4 Shallow-water acoustic experiment in the Strait of Sicily Area:
  5. 4pUW5 Acoustic wave scattering by 3D variability of deep ocean sediments.
  6. 4pUW6 Backscattering data analysis using multiple constraint beamforming.
  7. 4pUW7 Spatial coherence and rough bottom scattering in shallow water.
  8. 4pUW8 Scattering due to sound-speed inhomogeneities in ocean waveguides.
  9. 4pUW9 Bistatic reverberation from an ocean ridge.
  10. 4pUW10 Acoustic reverberation from a laboratory model of a shelf break.
  11. 4pUW11 Near-grazing underwater seismoacoustic wave backscattering from a
  12. 4pUW12 Backscattering in shallow-water waveguides caused by obstacles on
  13. 4pUW13 Average acoustic field in shallow water I: Active sonar
  14. 4pUW14 Average acoustic field in shallow water II: Reverberation and its
  15. 4pUW15 Scattering of seismic interface waves from pointlike obstacles in
  16. 4pUW16 Scattering of Sholte waves from pointlike obstacles in