ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 4pPAa - Physical Acoustics

  1. 4pPAa1 Nonscattering of sound by sound resulting from a head-on collision
  2. 4pPAa2 Scattering of sound by sound within the interaction zone.
  3. 4pPAa3 Criticism of experiments on the scattering of sound by sound.
  4. 4pPAa4 Experimental difficulties in measuring the scattering of sound by
  5. 4pPAa5 Analytical method for describing the paraxial region of finite
  6. 4pPAa6 A study of the role of diffraction in the behavior of focusing
  7. 4pPAa7 Modification of the spectral method for describing nonlinear
  8. 4pPAa8 Generation of streaming and rarefaction of the gas in the far
  9. 4pPAa9 Prediction of the time-averaged pressure distribution for finite
  10. 4pPAa10 Extensions of the theory for nonlinear Rayleigh waves.
  11. 4pPAa11 Pulsed nonlinear Rayleigh waves.
  12. 4pPAa12 Evolution equations for nonlinear Rayleigh wave propagation.
  13. 4pPAa13 Theoretical model for nonlinear Stoneley and Scholte waves.
  14. 4pPAa14 Observations of nonlinear effects associated with ice cracks.
  15. 4pPAa15 Diffusing light photography of solitons and capillary-wave
  16. 4pPAa16 Generation and propagation of high intensity short acoustic