ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 4pAB - Animal Bioacoustics

  1. 4pAB1 Otoacoustic emissions in animals: An intricate view of the
  2. 4pAB2 Application of Navy IUSS for whale research.
  3. 4pAB3 The role of passive sonar technology in marine mammal population
  4. 4pAB4 Vocalization tracking of blue and fin whales in the North Pacific.
  5. 4pAB5 Zooplankton population density assessment and acoustics.
  6. 4pAB6 Auditory-evoked potentials obtained using continuous
  7. 4pAB7 A portable system for physiological assessment of hearing in marine
  8. 4pAB8 Dynamics of dolphin biosonar search and detection.
  9. 4pAB9 Neural network modeling of a dolphin's sonar discrimination
  10. 4pAB10 Considerations for designing underwater acoustical playback
  11. 4pAB11 Methods for automatic detection of mysticete calls.