ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 4aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 4aUW1 Towed vertically directive source for shallow-water scattering
  2. 4aUW2 Performance of adaptive beamforming (ABF) for fixed receiver
  3. 4aUW3 An assessment of the variability of low-frequency active sonar
  4. 4aUW4 Reverberation characterization and suppression in the presence of
  5. 4aUW5 Dynamic stereo imaging of hard-skinned sonar targets.
  6. 4aUW6 Improvement of ultrasonic synthetic aperture imaging via
  7. 4aUW7 Optimum detection of solid spherical elastic objects of uncertain
  8. 4aUW8 A generalized framework for high-frequency optimum target detection
  9. 4aUW9 Equal-likelihood probability modeling in active and passive sonar.
  10. 4aUW10 Reconstruction of a periodic time-domain signal ``buried'' in
  11. 4aUW11 Asymptotic behavior of the matched-phase noise filter in the limit
  12. 4aUW12 A multiresolution, likelihood-based approach to pattern
  13. 4aUW13 Remote identification of moving acoustic objects.
  14. 4aUW14 Towed array geometry estimation during ship's maneuvering.
  15. 4aUW15 A fundamental study of multipath localization using bottomed
  16. 4aUW16 Time domain based optimal a posteriori source localization in a