ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 4aSPb - Speech Communications

  1. 4aSPb1 Prosodic features of foreigner talk register in the speech of 10-
  2. 4aSPb2 Prosodic cues for phrasal boundaries in productions by children
  3. 4aSPb3 A preliminary investigation of how prosodic cues may help young
  4. 4aSPb4 The nature of top-down representations that affect bottom-up
  5. 4aSPb5 Voice pitch as an aid to speechreading in young children.
  6. 4aSPb6 A developmental study of audiovisual speech perception using the
  7. 4aSPb7 Infant dependence on acoustic cue redundancy: Discrimination of
  8. 4aSPb8 Sensitivity to the distinctive features of vowels in newborn
  9. 4aSPb9 Prototype preference and magnet effects in newborns: Evidence for
  10. 4aSPb10 Deficits in linguistic experience delay the development of mature
  11. 4aSPb11 Maturational limitations to pronunciation accuracy in a second