ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 4aAB - Animal Bioacoustics

  1. 4aAB1 A novel mechanism for directional hearing in a parasitoid fly.
  2. 4aAB2 Seismic communication in amphibians.
  3. 4aAB3 Studying the evolutionary history of communication: The ghost of
  4. 4aAB4 Effects of aircraft noise on wildlife: Techniques used in Air Force
  5. 4aAB5 Physiological monitoring of noise effects in wildlife.
  6. 4aAB6 Passive acoustic localization of calling animals in 3-D space.
  7. 4aAB7 Using FFT spectrum analyzers to measure animal sounds.
  8. 4aAB8 Determining the effects of low-frequency sound on the fish auditory
  9. 4aAB9 Abiotic controls on elephant communication.
  10. 4aAB10 Applications of multifrequency acoustics: Spatial patterns in a
  11. 4aAB11 A publicly accessible database for marine mammal call