ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 3aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 3aSP1 Extending the perceptual magnet effect to a CVC word context.
  2. 3aSP2 Effect of voice quality on the tense/lax distinction for English
  3. 3aSP3 Limitation on labial anticipation in [i] in a language with an
  4. 3aSP4 Effects of lexical status on native and non-native English-speaking
  5. 3aSP5 Learning to perceive and produce American English vowels: A study
  6. 3aSP6 Base line acoustic parameters for nasalized vowels in English and
  7. 3aSP7 Dialect differences in vowel production and perception.
  8. 3aSP8 Formant discrimination in femalelike vowels as a function of F[sub
  9. 3aSP9 The perception of vowel height in Castilian Spanish: Effects of
  10. 3aSP10 The effect of removing the fundamental component on the perception
  11. 3aSP11 Priming and the enhancement of concurrent vowels.
  12. 3aSP12 Modeling formant frequency discrimination for isolated English
  13. 3aSP13 Modeling listeners' categorization of a large F1-F2-F3 continuum.
  14. 3aSP14 Formant movement and duration cues in the identification of
  15. 3aSP15 A linear model of boundary shifts in /(small capital you)--(small
  16. 3aSP16 The spectral center of gravity effect and auditory filter
  17. 3aSP17 The effects of pitch changes on the perception of vowel sequences.
  18. 3aSP18 The effects of duration changes on the perception of vowel
  19. 3aSP19 Perceptual implications of selected aspects of vocal behavior.
  20. 3aSP20 Evaluating speech quality with adaptive psychophysical methods.
  21. 3aSP21 Event-related vertex potentials preceding vowel onset.
  22. 3aSP22 Development of a microcomputer based system for evaluating
  23. 3aSP23 A noninvasive EM based speech feature estimation method for