ASA 128th Meeting - Austin, Texas - 1994 Nov 28 .. Dec 02

Papers in 3aPAb - Physical Acoustics

  1. 3aPAb1 A nanosecond acoustic source: Experimental investigation of pulsed
  2. 3aPAb2 Processes leading to cavity formation and dielectric breakdown in
  3. 3aPAb3 An experimental investigation of bubble shapes from a nozzle in
  4. 3aPAb4 Radiation force, equilibrium position, and shape for acoustically
  5. 3aPAb5 Evolution of surface properties of acoustically levitated bubbles
  6. 3aPAb6 Phase locking of nonlinear monopoles with reactive coupling.
  7. 3aPAb7 Mass diffusion in spark-induced vapor bubbles.
  8. 3aPAb8 Acoustic modeling of plasma-induced vapor bubbles.
  9. 3aPAb9 Acoustic microstreaming within a gas-filled bubble.
  10. 3aPAb10 Experimental study of streaming in acoustic resonators.
  11. 3aPAb11 A model for cavitation damage during ultrasonic cleaning.